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Transferring a call

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With Ringover, you have the ability to transfer a call in progress to another number 👥 without interrupting the conversation.

Step 1: Transfer a call

Step 2: Choose type of transfer

Step 1: Transfer a call

During a call, click on “Transfer”, then enter the name of the person 💬 to whom you want to transfer the call. Select the type of transfer you want to make 📑: “Direct,” “With confirmation,” or “To voicemail”.

Your call will be transferred according to the method chosen and will end automatically! 🎉

Step 2: Choose type of transfer

You have 3 types of transfer to choose from:

  • Direct transfer 🎯: with one click you can directly transfer a call in progress to a team member. If they don’t answer, you can pick the call back up.

  • Transfer with confirmation ✅: contact your colleague first to confirm their availability or provide information before transferring the call.

  • Transfer to voicemail 🔉: if your colleague is unavailable or does not want to be disturbed, transfer the call to their voicemail so that your correspondent can leave message.

Now you’re ready to start transferring calls with ease! 👌
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