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Keeping track of your daily phone activity

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Your Dashboard allows you to keep track of your teams' activity in real time and manage events on your IVRs.

Monitor activity in real time

Access activity history

Measure your phone activity

Monitor activity in real time

🖥️ Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/ to access different performance indicators 📊:

Service Level (rate of answered calls)
Average Speed of Answer
Abandon Rate
Average Talk Time (incoming calls)
Average Talk Time (outgoing calls)
Average Wait Time

Clicking on "edit filters" will let you view statistics for a given time period according to your direct lines and IVRs.
You can also view calls in progress and provide your colleagues with real-time assistance.

Access activity history

You can retrieve your entire history of incoming, outgoing, answered, and missed calls in your call logs.

Also listen to recordings by clicking the "play" button ▶️ and download by clicking on the gear icon ⚙️.

Clicking on the icon with three small vertical dots next to a call will let you view all details for that call 📑, including contact information and the call's origin as well as path through your system.

Measure your phone activity

Under the "Statistics" section for calls 📈, you'll find indicators on call duration and other details to help you assess your phone activity.

You can also assess performance over time and compare the activity of different agents using filters.

Now you're ready to start monitoring your teams and track daily phone activity! 🎉

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