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Setting up your ringer for incoming calls

Support Home page > User account settings > Setting up your ringer for incoming calls
💻 Go to https://app.ringover.com/settings.

Under the "Incoming calls" section, drag your cursor over the icons to hear different ringtones.

Click on your choice to designate it as your new ringtone.

From the dropdown menu, you can then set ringer duration ⏱️ before calls go to voicemail (60 seconds max).

To set the sound output for your ringer, click on the headphones icon below your dialer to the left of your screen. Clicking on "Ringtone" will let you determine whether incoming calls ring on your headphones 🎧 or from your computer speakers 🔊 .

Lastly, set the volume for your ringer and test it to make sure you're satisfied 🙂.

💡 Remember that once you connect a headset or earphones, the default setting for sound output will change so that calls ring automatically on these. If you want calls to continue to ring on your computer speakers in all situations, you must select the "by default" option for them.

Now you know how to set your incoming call ringer so that you'll never miss a call again!

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