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Sending and receiving SMS messages

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Users with a mobile line can send and receive SMS messages 💬 thanks to Ringover’s online SMS sending solution.
It’s also incredibly simple to set up SMS marketing campaigns and to send SMS messages to your existing and prospective customers.

Step 1: Assigning a mobile number to a user

Step 2: Sending an SMS message

Step 3: Receiving an SMS message

Step 1: Assigning a mobile number to a user

Make sure that you have at least one mobile number available on https://dashboard.ringover.com/numbers. If not, please add one.

💻 Head to https://dashboard.ringover.com/ivrs to assign this number to a user.

Step 2: Sending an SMS message

Users who have been granted the relevant permissions can then send SMS messages 💬 via their page https://app.ringover.com/sms.

To send an SMS message, simply click on the “SMS” button, which you’ll find in the top-right of your Ringover interface. Then, click “New message”.

Then, you just need to select the mobile number you want to use to send the message, then on the number you want to send the message to.

Tapez votre message puis cliquez sur le bouton "envoyer". 💬 You can also configure your solution so that you simply have to press the “Return” key to send your message:

If a message fails to send, simply click on “Retry” to try to send it again.

All sorted, your message is sent! ✅

Step 3: Receiving an SMS message

When you receive an SMS message, a little red circle with with the number of messages received will appear over the “SMS” button in the top-right corner of your interface:

Click on the button to view your received messages. Simply select a message to read all of it and reply to it.

💡 You can add an SMS thread to your favorites by clicking on the bookmark icon to the right of the thread. This means that you’ll be able to pull it up quicker in future, especially if you use the “Favorites” filter, or if you display the threads you want quick-access for at the top of your interface:

💡 You can also add a contact to your address book or add a number to an existing contact by simply clicking on the “+” icon next to the profile image:

You’re now ready to send and receive SMS messages! 🎉
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