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Sending a SMS campaign

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SMS campaigns allow you to communicate with multiple existing and prospective customers at once, enabling you to let them know about your offers and services, and create a relationship built on trust.

FYI, you need to be an administrator for a 👨 Ringover account or listed as “SMS Campaign” Supervisor to access this feature.

Step 1: Configure access for the “SMS feature”

Step 2: Access the “SMS Campaign” feature

Step 3: Send an SMS campaign

Step 4: Monitor and track the campaign

Step 1: Configure access for the “SMS feature”

Only the account administrator can configure user access for the “SMS Campaigns” feature.

💻 Head to the “Users and Groups” section in the “Configuration” menu.

Select the user you want to grant access to the feature.

In the “Dashboard Access” section, select “Supervisor”, then tick the box for “SMS Campaigns”✅.

Step 2: Access the “SMS Campaign” feature

💻 Head to the “SMS Campaigns” section.

Click on “Request access” 🔐. A request will then be sent to the support team, who’ll be able to grant you access to the “SMS Campaign” feature as soon as possible

Step 3: Send an SMS campaign

Once your request has been validated, you’ll have access to this feature.

To send an SMS campaign, click on “Create a new campaign”. Name your campaign, and then enter your message.

⚠️ An SMS can contain a maximum of 160 characters, with 14 characters allocated to the “STOP au 36957” disclaimer.

For more information, please read this article: SMS: Understanding and managing your usage

The cost of your campaign 💸 is automatically updated in line with the number of SMS messages sent.

Enter the numbers you want to receive the message, separated by a comma or on a new line (maximum of 1000 recipient numbers per campaign).

By selecting “Clean up the list” 🗑️, you can delete all wrong numbers, or numbers outside of mainland France.

Click on “Send campaign” 📤 to send your SMS campaign.

The information for your campaign will then appear in the “Sent campaigns” section 💬: name, date, time, remaining recipients (numbers to which the messages have not yet been delivered).
💡By selecting “Save draft”, the campaign will be saved for sending later. You can modify any campaign, as long as it hasn’t been sent yet.

Step 4: Monitor and track the campaign

Click on a campaign for further details: name of the person who created the campaign, date of creation, message, recipients,etc..

Note: SMS campaigns do not allow customer responses

“Voilà!”, as they say in the France, you now know how to send an SMS campaign 🎉
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