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Reporting an issue (choppiness, crackling, dropped calls, etc.)

It is possible that despite the fact you have followed our recommendations and are using a very good network infrastructure, problems with certain calls persist. 😕

Although it can be difficult to determine the causes of certain problems due to the wide variety of factors that come into play (your internet connection, your ISP, our ISP, the equipment connecting your infrastructure and ours, your correspondents' networks or mobile operators, our servers, etc.), we provide you the opportunity to report the calls 💬 on which you have encountered issues to us.

We count on you and your feedback to help us cross-check these problems and carry out inquiries in order to provide you the best possible service. 🔥

Here is how to report a call to us ⚠️ (the "report a call" icon will remain visible only for 1 minute after the call) from


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