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My phone calls are choppy

With Ringover being a VoIP telecom solution, you need a consistently stable internet connection 📶 to achieve optimal call quality.

If you experience problems with choppiness during your calls, make sure to check the following:

  • Be sure not to have too many Chrome tabs open 🌐, since Chrome using too much of your computer’s RAM can cause issues.

  • If you're connected to Wifi 📡, make sure that you're not too far from the hotspot and that the terminal is correctly set up and not overloaded. The ideal connection would be via cable network, if possible.

  • Lastly, we recommend that you establish QoS (flow prioritisation) in order to prioritise traffic to our servers. 😉

If you still have problems with choppy conversations after following these steps, contact our technical support. 👨

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