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Making and receiving calls

To make and receive calls with your Ringover number, you can use the web application 🖥️ or the mobile app for iOS or Android 📱.

Sign in to your Ringover account on or with the smartphone app by entering your username and password.

Make a call

1 – From your list of contacts

2 – By entering your contact’s name or number

Answering an incoming call

Make a call

1 – From your list of contacts

To make a call 📞, select a contact from your contact list. Clicking their number will automatically place it in the space allotted. Then, you will be able to call your contact


2 – By entering your contact’s name or number

You can also enter your contact's name or number in the space provided on the smart dialer.

With the first letters or numbers entered ⌨️, corresponding contacts will be suggested to you. Click on the name 👤 you’re looking for to start the call automatically:


Answering an incoming call

Whenever you have an incoming call, a call notification will appear 🚨 on your desktop and/or your mobile. Just click on the green phone icon to begin the conversation 🔗:


Now you know how to make and receive calls with Ringover 🎉

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