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On your IVR

For a user

💡According to policy recently adopted by the CNIL, call recording in the workplace may occur in case of recognized necessity and used for purposes of training and evaluation.

An employer thus may not implement continuous call recording, but can put a system of selective call recording in place.

⚠️ This feature can only be set by administrators.

On your IVR

💻 Sign in on
Select the IVR for which you wish to modify settings, activate call recording ⏺️, then indicate the percentage of calls to be recorded on this IVR ⚙️:

For a user

💻 Sign in on

Select the user for whom you wish to set the percentage of recorded calls. Activate conversation recording ⏺️, then select a percentage from the drop-down menu beside “Call recording volume” (under “User Permissions”):

💡 You also have the option to apply these settings to other users.

Now you know how to specify the volume of calls to be recorded on your IVR and for each user. 🎉

To learn more, read this article.
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