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Launch a call campaign

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Call campaigns allow you to create lists of contacts and assign them to multiple agents to accelerate your sales. 🚀

Note that you must be an administrator of the 👨 Ringover account or Supervisor "Campaigns" to access this feature.

Step 1: Activate the Power Dialer

Step 2: Create a call list

Step 3: Launch a call campaign

Step 4: Track Campaign History

Step 1: Activate the Power Dialer

💻 To get started, enable the Power Dialer in your myRingover account settings.

Activate the Power Dialer in the "Call Mode" section. The "Power Dialer" icon will then appear in the top right of your interface.

💻 Then go to the "Users and Groups" section of the "Configuration" menu of your dashboard.

Select the user for whom you want to give access to the feature.

In the "Dashboard Access" section, select "Supervisor", then check the box corresponding to "Campaigns"✅.

Step 2: Create a call list

💻 Go to the "Call Campaigns" section and then click on "Create a Call Campaign".

Name your call campaign then assign agents to it by clicking on "Edit".

Enter the contact numbers to call, one on each line, separated by a comma, or import a .csv file (limited to 1,000 contacts max. per import). This import files can contain both the names and companies of contacts, so that the assigned agent is able to access the list with as much information as possible.

Finally, click on "Confirm the campaign" ✅. You can save a draft or directly launch this new campaign!

Step 3: Launch a call campaign

To launch a call campaign, make sure you launch your saved draft or newly created campaign via the Dashboard. Then simply click on the "Power Dialer" icon ⚡ at the top right of your Ringover interface.

Then select "Common List" and then "Call Campaign." Choose the list you want to use, click "Go" and then "Let's go".

You will then see a summary of the number of numbers to call and the number of participants in the call campaign.

During the call campaign, answered calls are highlighted and those that are redirected to voicemail remain "unanswered". Thus, you can resume the campaign later and call back the "unanswered calls".

Step 4: Track Campaign History

Click on a campaign to see its details and history 💬 name of the person who created it, date and time of creation, campaign history...

There you go, you know how to launch a call campaign and save time in your prospecting! 🎉
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