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How to use Radio Coach?

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What does Radio Coach do?

This feature lets you launch continuous, real-time listening into calls in progress, discreetly and without disturbing your employees’ calls.

Prerequisite: You’ll need an admin account to use it.

How does Radio Coach work?

Head to your Dashboard in the Activity section

On the left-hand side of your page, above the direct lines, you’ll find the "Start Radio Coach IVR/ Direct lines” buttons. Click on them and a pop-up will appear.

You’ll find the following features in this pop-up:
  • The name of the employee that you’re currently listening into,
  • A button to mute incoming sound, with a button to its right which lets you move onto the next call,
  • The call duration,
  • The buttons for being able to “talk” (in the conversation), with a button to its right which lets you “whisper” to your employee,
  • The option to enable or disable automatic play (once the call is finished, you’ll be moved onto the next call)
  • Lastly, the sound level indicates whether the people on the call are speaking.
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