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How to use a Jabra headset?

Step 1 (only on Install Jabra plugins

In order for your Jabra headset to work, you'll need to install 2 plugins: the Jabra Chrome extension and the application on your computer:
- Windows 👉 Download here
- Mac 👉 Download here

Step 2: Set up your Jabra headset on your Ringover account

Go to the speaker and microphone selection, where a button will appear to connect Jabra if one of their devices is detected. A console will then guide you in case of missed installation steps or errors, until a successful connection is made (a Jabra device selector will also launch if you have more than one of this brand's devices connected to the computer). and your Jabra headset will be synchronised, equipping you with the following features (depending on those available with your device):
- Pick up, hang up, reject call
- Mute, unmute
- Place on hold, resume call
- Last number redial
- Use of digits (dialling and DTMF)

myRingover will:
- Allow your Jabra to ring
- Transmit call states (duration, mute, unmute, place on hold)
- Use interfaces and indicator lights

The Jabra series compatible with this integration are:
- Jabra Evolve 2 series
- Jabra Evolve series
- Jabra Engage series
- Jabra Link series
- Jabra Biz series
- Jabra Speak series
- Jabra Pro series (problem detail)
- Jabra Motion series

Show list of Jabra recommended devices >

Note: feature available with on Chrome browser and the desktop app.

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