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[Dashboard] Granting Dashboard access rights

The Ringover Dashboard is the administrative interface 🖥 for your Ringover account.

From the dashboard you can create numbers, users, IVRs, etc. You can also access detailed statistics 📊 as well as recorded conversations 🎙.

The Dashboard is restricted to Ringover account administrators, but you may also assign roles to users in order to grant them access to certain sections.

Here are the possible roles:

  • Admin 👨: this is the most important role. If you assign this role to a user, that user will have full, unrestricted access to the Dashboard.

  • Supervisor 📈: if you assign this role to a user, this user will only have access to the "Calls in progress," "Logs," and "Statistics" pages. They will also only have access to data for groups/IVRs authorised by the administrator.

  • Accountant 💰: if you assign this role to a user, this user will only have access to the "Credits and billing" page to add credits and download invoices.

  • Technical 🔧: if you assign this role to a user, they will only have access to the "Configuration," "Developer," and "Integrations" pages, allowing them to create IVRs, users, groups, and numbers.

Step 1 : Creating user profiles

Step 2 : Duplicating user profiles

Step 1: Creating user profiles

💻 Go to and select the user to whom you wish to assign a role.

From the “Dashboard Access” section, select the role you wish to assign them. You can also opt not to assign them any role:


Step 2: Duplicating user profiles

Customise permissions and access rights for all users associated with the same profile by duplicating user profiles.

1 - From the “User” section

Go to the “Configuration” section ⚙️ and click on “Users.” Select “User profiles” and click on the green “Create a profile” button. Give the profile a name and modify settings as needed:


2 - From a user

If you wish to create a user profile from a user whose access rights have already been set ⚙️, select the user whose settings you wish to duplicate.

Click on “Create a profile from this user” and give it a name. It will then appear in the “User profiles” section.


⚠️ Once a profile has been linked to a user, if you wish to modify this user’s permissions, you must modify the associated profile.

You can now assign access rights to users and create and duplicate profiles. 🎉

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