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If you’ve configured multiple IVRs, you may have some that are more important and that you’d like to prioritise over others. With RingOver, you can determine the importance of your IVRs by assigning them levels of priority! ✌

Step 1: Prioritise your IVRs

Step 2: Prioritise incoming numbers

Step 1: Prioritise your IVRs

💻 Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/ivrs.

Click on an IVR then select the priority level 🖊️ you want to assign it:

💡 The higher the priority level, the more the IVR is prioritised. By default, all of your IVRs have level 1 priority on a scale of 5.

Callers to the ensemble of your IVRs will be placed in queue according to their order of arrival. Callers to an IVR with level 5 priority will be redirected directly to a queue for priority customers and therefore treated as a priority. 🥇

Step 2: Prioritise incoming numbers

In the same way, for each IVR you can define incoming numbers 📑 to be prioritised in the IVR’s call queue:

You can now set priorities on your standards! 👌
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