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Step 1: Creating an IVR

Step 2: Setting up a voice menu

Step 1: Creating an IVR

💻 To create an IVR, go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/ivrs and click on “Create an IVR.” Give your IVR a name and select “Open” to access scenario modification 🖊️:

You can then record announcements 🎙️ in which you indicate to your callers how to make their selections.

Step 2: Setting up a voice menu

An Interactive Voice Response (“press 1, press 2…”) allows you to direct your incoming calls to the right service or person 👨‍💼 within your company, and set up customized queues to prevent long phone waits.

To set up a voice menu, select “Add a nested IVR” from the drop-down menu:

Select “Publish vocal message” 💬 under the blue drop-down menu for a given key selection and then label the selection. Click “Create!” and use Ringover’s online studio 🎵 to record an announcement corresponding to each key selection:

💡 You have the option of creating an alias for each IVR selection.

See our article 📰 10 Tips for Setting Up Your IVR
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