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Configuring your Ringover account on a SIP phone

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You’ll need a SIP phone ☎️ linked to your network and a Ringover Power account or the add-on SIP option if you are on the SMART plan. 💳.

This procedure is valid for the Yealink phone model T42S, but the principle is the same for all phones – only the menus will differ.

Step 1: Configure the phone

Step 2: Retrieve your Ringover SIP login information

Step 1: Configure the phone

Press the 🆗 key while the phone is still inactive to obtain its IP address.

Open your computer browser and enter the IP address in the address bar (ex:

Enter the username 👤 (by default: admin) as well as the password (by default: admin) on the connection page 🔗 and click “Confirm”.

Follow the steps to set up the account: Account > Register > Account 1

Some key vocabulary

  • Registry Status: displays the registry status of the current account.

  • Active line: you must select Enabled to activate the account.

  • Label: displayed on the LCD screen to identify the account.

  • Display name: displayed as the caller ID when you make a call.

  • Registration name: username (see step 2)

  • Username: username (see step 2)

  • Password: password (see step 2)

  • Host server: server (see step 2)

Step 2: Retrieve your Ringover SIP login information

💻 Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/users.

Click on the user 👨‍💼 for whom you wish to retrieve Ringover SIP login information.

Under “User settings” you’ll have access to the SIP menu:

You’ll find 3 necessary pieces of information 💬 once your device ☎️ connects to your Ringover user profile:

  • 1. Server: sip1-us.ringover.com

  • 2. Username: username or login

  • 3. Password: SIP account password

Enter this information ⌨️ in the corresponding fields in your browser.

Your Ringover account is now configured to your SIP phone! 👌
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