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Defining hours for your Ringover account

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In order to respect your private life 🔒, Ringover provides you the option of defining working hours for your phone line.

Step 1: Activate planning

Step 2: Personalise your hours

Step 1: Activate planning

💻 Go to https://app.ringover.com/settings.

In the "Working hours" 🕐 section, click the cursor for "Activate my planning" to change it to green 🖊️.

Your Ringover hourly planning will appear. 🤗

Step 2: Personalise your hours

You have the option of customising different time slots 📅 using the sliders:

You may also remove an existing time slot by double-clicking on it. To add a new time slot, double-click on an empty area.

Save your planning!✅

All calls coming in outside your working hours will now be automatically sent to voicemail. 👌

See our article 📰 How to manage your business phone hours
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