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Blacklist a number

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You can prevent nuisances and unwanted spam calls 👤 by adding certain numbers to a blacklist in your Ringover Dashboard. This means that future calls from blacklisted numbers, will be automatically rejected so you can continue on peacefully with your day.

💻 Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/teamsettings.

In the "Blacklist" section, choose whether you want to block a number for incoming (IN) or outgoing (OUT) calls. Enter the number you wish to block,❌ then click on "Add":

You also have the option of blocking a number individually. To do this, go to your Ringover account settings ⚙️ and then to the "Security and Connection" section.

Then simply add the numbers you want to block in the dedicated fields (outgoing number and/or incoming number):

The number is now added to your personal blacklist! 👌

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