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The Ringover application doesn't ring on my iPhone

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You have installed the Ringover application from the AppStore on your iPhone (5S or newer) and you notice that the application doesn't ring when you receive calls on your Ringover account?

Here are 4 setting points to check :

1- Enable background refresh for wifi and 4G (Menu => General => Background refresh => Wifi and cellular data)

2- Activate data and deactivate the low data mode (Menu => Cellular Data => Options => Deactivate "Low Data Mode" / Menu => Cellular Data => check "Cellular Data")

3- Deactivate the energy saving mode (Menu => Battery => Uncheck "Energy saving mode")

4- Enable notifications, background mode and cellular data for the Ringover app (Menu => Ringover => Check all in "Notifications" / Menu => Ringover => Check "Refresh (Background) / Menu => Ringover => Check "Cellular data")
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