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[Dashboard] Adding or removing Ringover numbers

To add numbers to RingOver account, you first need to be an account administrator. 👨‍💼

Step 1: Add a Ringover number

Step 2: Remove a Ringover number

Step 1: Add a Ringover number

💻 Go to

Click on “Add a number” at the top of the page. Enter the type of order 📑 you want to make (by default, you can only select one number at a time):


Indicate the address 🏟️ for which you wish to add a number as well as the country. You can then select the desired number format (national, mobile, etc.):


To obtain numbers for a precise location 📍, you must possess an address in the corresponding country.

For example, if you want a number with a Madrid area code, you must be able to provide a valid address in Spain.

Choose a number from the proposed list:


💡 You can also generate a new list of numbers 📃 if none of the suggestions suit your needs.

Once selected, the number will be automatically added to your list of available numbers.

Your invoice 💰 will be updated at the end of the month to include the price of added numbers.

Step 2: Remove a Ringover number

Contact customer service by email to 📧, or call us at one of the following numbers 📞:


Now you’re ready to start adding and removing RingOver numbers! 👌

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