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Making your number clickable in your email signature

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Making your number clickable in your email signature allows your contacts to call you back with one click from any compatible web browser, free of charge.

You can generate a click-to-call link 🔗 from app.ringover.com or from your Ringover Dashboard.

1 - From app.ringover.com

2 - From your Dashboard

1 - From app.ringover.com

💻 Go to https://app.ringover.com/settings.

Under the "Click2Call signature" section, click on "Select & Copy".

Then go to your email settings ⚙️ and paste (ctrl+C) the button into your email signature.

The button will immediately appear in your email signature 📧, so it is now possible for contacts to reach you on your Ringover number by clicking on it.

2 - From your Dashboard

💻 Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/numbers.

Click on the icon with three small dots by the number you wish to create a Click2Call link 🔗 for and select "Get a Click to Call link."

A pop-up will open, allowing you to copy the link 📋 and add it to your email signature.

Your email contacts can now call you simply by clicking on your signature's Click2Call link! 👌

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