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The "voicemail drop" feature allows you to leave a message automatically when your outgoing call goes to voicemail. Agents must activate the "voicemail drop" option in advance through 🖊️

This feature saves your agents considerable time, especially during sales call campaigns. ⏱ They'll no longer need to leave a separate message for each call that goes unanswered, since the same pre-recorded message will be automatically "dropped" in the voicemail of each contact who does not pick up.

Step 1: Activating voicemail drop

Step 2: Using voicemail drop

Step 1: Activating voicemail drop

💻 First activate the voicemail drop feature in your Ringover account settings.
Go to the "outgoing calls" section, where you'll need to record (or upload in mp3 format) the voicemail message ⏺️ you wish to leave for your contacts.

Step 2: Using voicemail drop

Whenever a call you've made goes to voicemail, you now have the option to leave your pre-recorded message for the contact.
To do this, simply click on the "voicemail drop" 📼 button before hanging up. The call will end automatically, and your message will be dropped in the contact's voicemail.

Coupled with the Power Dialer, voicemail drop will save you a tremendous amount of time during sales call campaigns! 🚀
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