How to use a Jabra headset?

To properly use your Jabra headset with RingOver, you have to install 2 plugins :
1/ Jabra Chrome extension : Download here
2/ Application on your computer :
- Windows : Download here
- Mac : Download here
- Linux : not yet available

To setup myringover with your Jabra :
Click on the devices icon :

Then click on Enable Jabra your Jabra headset will be synchronised and the following features will be enabled (depending on the Jabra model, some features might not exist) :

- Pick up, Hang up, reject call
- Mutr, unmute
- Put on Hold
- Use the digits (DTMF)

Myringover allows to
- Ring you Jabra
- Transmit call data (duration, mute, unmute, on hold)
- Use led indicators

The following Jabra Series that are compatible :
- Jabra Evolve series
- Jabra Pro series
- Jabra Biz series
- Jabra Speak series
- Jabra Engage series /!\
- Jabra Link series /!\

Display the Jabra devices list>

NB: this is only available through on the Chrome browser (Mac & Windows).

Jabra label

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