What are the ports to open on my router and how do I prioritise flow?

In order to optimise the quality of your calls, we recommend that you establish a prioritised flow on your routers.

Here are our IP addresses to prioritise:

Concerning the ports to use, here are the details:

Signaling occurs in TLS websocket via port 44.
The voice stream is encrypted by the the client’s browser, with the entirety encapsulated in a tcp tunnel to the turn on port 80.
If the browser cannot reach the turn then it fallback to SRTP to ports 20000-220000.
Chrome dynamically opens a client-side port between 1024 and 65000. No possibility of choosing the port.

The RingOver iOS and Android apps use the port 443/tls for signaling and the ports 20000-220000/udp (in case of deactivated TURN).

The ports 5060/udp-tcp and 20000-22000/udp are only used by classic IP phones as well as SIP clients.

We encourage use of the port 443/tls instead of 5060/udp-tcp.

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