Step by step - Conference channel creation guide

To create a conference channel, you need to go into the dashboard, reachable by clicking on the crown icon in

Then, in the left menu, go down to "configuration", then "conferences".

On the top of the page, the "create a conference" button will allow you to access the creation form of the conference, from where you will be able to define its name, if desired and access code, a maximum number of participants and entry or exit sounds. To validate, clic on the cross which let you exit from the form (the settings will be saved).

For now, the conference isn't active yet, you need to associate a number to it. To do so, you have to click on the "+" button below the dotted rectangle where you can read "no associated number". In the drop-down menu, pick the number you want then click onto "assign a number".

You conference is now active, participants willing to join now have to dial the number you associated to it.

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