Integrating RingOver in Salesforce

Integrating RingOver in Salesforce

The RingOver integration in the Salesforce CRM allows you to:
- synchronise your Salesforce contacts in RingOver
- make/receive calls directly from the Salesforce interface
- have a log of all calls and texts in your client files
- listen to recorded conversations (you must have activated the option in your RingOver account beforehand)
- listen to voicemails left by your clients

The integration happens in 5 steps

Step 1: Linking your RingOver and Salesforce accounts

To link your Salesforce account to your RingOver account, go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on Salesforce. Enter your login information and accept the conditions (if you are already logged in to Salesforce in another window, you won’t have to do so again).

Then activate contact synchronisation by moving the cursor to green.

Step 2: Choose which types of calls you want logged in your client files

Go to and choose which types of calls will be logged.

Step 3: Install the RingOver app in Salesforce

For this, go to and click on “Get it now.”

Click on “Log in”

Click again on “Get it now”

Select “Install in Production”

Check “I have read and agree to these terms and conditions” and then click “Confirm and Install”

Enter your login information again

Select “Install for all users”

The application is now installed!

Step 4: Configuring the “call center” in Salesforce

Open the Configuration menu in Salesforce

Then open the sub-menu “Call center”

Click on “RingOver Call Center CTI Adapter”

Click on “Modify”

Modify the url than click Save. The url should be of the following type:

Click next on “Manage call center users”

Then click on “Add more users”

Click on “Search”

Select the users

The users added here can now use the RingOver application

Step 5: Adding the RingOver app to the toolbar

Still in the configuration menu, go to “Applications management”

Select the application to which you wish to add RingOver; here in our example we’ve chosen “Sales” (be sure to choose a “Lightning” application) and click “Modify”

Click on “Toolbar”

Then “Add”

Select “Telephone Open CTI Software”

Change the name by “RingOver” and click “Save”

That’s it, the integration is complete! RingOver will now appear in your toolbar

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