Integrate your RingOver in Zoho with Zoho PhoneBridge

- You must have a RingOver Business account to take advantage of this integration.
- This process must be effected by all RingOver users wishing to make use of this integration.

Here you can find the video tutorial :

Step 1

Under the settings on


in the Integrations section, click on the Zoho logo.

screenshot CRM configuration in

A Zoho connection window will appear.

screenshot Zoho integration login

Step 2

Enter your Zoho login information (this information is not transmitted to RingOver) and validate.

The integration is complete. You will now be able to make and receive calls in Zoho from your browser, smartphone app or SIP phone. Your call logs, voicemails and recorded conversations will automatically be added to Zoho.

Step 3

(Required if you want to use the Click-to-Call feature through Zoho)

Install the RingOver extension for Chrome, enter your RingOver login information and activate your microphone.

identifiants ringover

Under the extension Settings, allow Click-to-Call.

autorisation appel en un clic sur l'extention chrome

Each user can activate or deactivate the Zoho integration at any time through their settings.

To permanently remove the Zoho-RingOver integration, the user must simply delete the RingOver token from their Zoho account.

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