[Dashboard] How to set up priority levels on your IVR's?

1. Set up a priority level on an phone system (IVR)

If you have mutliple IVR's, probably some are more important than others. In that case you might want to prioritize the most important ones.
With RingOver, you define the importance by setting up priority levels!

Here is how to do it :
Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/ivrs
Click on an IVR and change the priority level :

The higher the priority level, the higher the IVR will have the priority.
By default, all your IVR's have a priority level of 1 on a scale of 5
Callers to all your IVR's are placed in a queue, according to their order of arrival.
Increase the priority level if you prefer that callers to a specific IVR be prioritised over callers to your other IVR's in the global queue.

2. Prioritise an incoming phone number

Also, for each IVR you can define incoming phone numbers that will have the priority in the queue.

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