[Dashboard] How to send/receive texts with a shared mobile phone number (collaborative texts)

The feature we name "collaborative texts" gives you the opportunity to share a common mobile phone number between multiple users!
Your teams will be able to be more efficient and provide a better follow-up to your customers.
When a text is receveived, members of the team you granted the rights to can read the text as well as write a reply.

Create a shared mobile phone number

1. Make sure to have one mobile phone available https://dashboard.ringover.com/numbers, or add one if you don't.
2. Assign this number to an IVR (click on the "+") :

3. Now in the IVR configuration, you can add users/groups under the "SMS settings" section

4. If you check the icon below, you grant users/groups the right to send texts, if it's greyed out they can only read texts

Send a text from a shared mobile phone number

Users/groups you granted the rights to will be ale to send texts from their RingOver interface https://myringover.com/sms (or from the RingOver Chrome extension)

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