[Dashboard] How do you add aliases to your IVR?

Aliases allow the duplication of call routing scenarios in several IVR key selections.

They can be used in different situations:

- Creating a geographic menu (enter a number for your region)
- Ask your callers to identify themselves with a client or order number
- Avoid caller entry errors (ex: pressing "11" instead of "1")

1. Adding aliases

Go to https://dashboard.ringover.com/ivrs

> Click on the IVR to which you wish to add aliases

> Set up a voice menu by choosing "Create a voice menu" in the drop-down menu

For each key selection that you wish to duplicate, click on "Add an alias"

Then simply indicate the key or keys for which the call routing scenario must be duplicated

Here, when the caller presses 11, the call will be routed the same as when pressing 1

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