Configure your Ringover account on an SIP phone

This procedure is valid for phone model Yealink T42S. However the steps are the same for every SIP phones. Only the menus can be different.

Pre-requisites :
- an SIP phone connected to your network
- be a member of a Ringover Premium plan

1/ Setting up the phone
Press Ok to obtain the IP address.
- Open a web browser on your computer, type the ip address in the address bar (for example
- Enter the username (by default : admin) and the password (by default : admin) and click Confirm
Account Settings : Click on Account > Register > Account 1
Register Status : displays the status of the current account
Enable Line : Select Enabled to activate the account
Label : is displayed on the LCD screen to identify the account
Display Name : is displayed as caller id when you make a call
Register Name : Username (See step 2)
Username : Username (See step 2)
Password : Password (See step 2)
Host server : Server (See step 2)

2/ Find your Ringover SIP information
In your dashboard, under the Users page :
- Choose « modify » on a user
- Scroll down until finding the SIP information
- You will find the 3 information you need
Server :
Username : Username
Password : Password

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