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Are you a RingOver client who knows someone who might be interested in RingOver?

Recommend RingOver to them and receive up to €100 in Amazon gift certificates per referral*

Your referral will benefit from a 10% discount for 3 months.

How it works?

  1. Fill out the form above
  2. We’ll contact your referral and find out how RingOver could be useful in their professional telecom
  3. If they become a client in under 90 days, you’ll automatically receive your gift
(based on 50% of the before-tax total of the first 3 invoices paid by your referral, up to €100 per referral)


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Conditions of the referral offer : Offer reserved for RingOver clients only. Any referred person must not have had previous contact with RingOver, directly or indirectly, through its commercial partners.

For each referral, compensation will happen within 90 days of the referral’s first payment of their Ringover Group invoice.
The amount of the Amazon gift certificate is calculated according to the following formula:
50% of the before-tax amount of the first 3 invoices paid in full by the referral in the 80 days following their signup, and up to €100.

An Amazon gift certificate in the amount thus calculated will be sent by email to the address provided on the form.

The referred person will benefit from a 10% discount on their plans and options for 3 months.

RingOver Group reserves the right to modify the modalities of the referral offer at any time, without notice. RingOver Group also reserves the right to refuse a referral request, and to do so without informing the originator of the request. RingOver Group reserves as well the right to end its referral program at any time, without notice.
For any questions regarding the referral program, please contact our customer service.

This offer is not open to sellers, distributors, or commercial partners of RingOver.

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