Salesforce Integration: your RingOver phones in Salesforce

Thanks to this integration, natively integrate all of RingOver in Salesforce and increase the efficiency of your sales service.

Retrieve all of RingOver in Salesforce

With the native integration, access your RingOver call logs, contacts, messages and settings right from Salesforce.

Take advantage of file retrieval (CTI)

For incoming contact calls, access their information directly thanks to automatic file retrieval.

Save time and call in 1 click

With RingOver, directly call your contacts from your Salesforce interface. Simply click the icon next to the phone number to make the call.

Transfer your calls easily

Easily transfer a call in progress to a team member or group. Choose the type of transfer: direct transfer, by request, or directly to voicemail.

Track all of your phone activities, contact by contact

No more need to manually log calls. Each incoming, outgoing or missed call is automatically added in Salesforce.

Access your voicemails and recorded conversations

Retrieve voicemails and recorded conversations in your client files. This way, all people having access to the contact file share the same information.

Retrieve your text exchanges

Thanks to RingOver mobile numbers, access your sent and received text messages right from Salesforce. Ideal for reviving prospects.

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