The best alternative to a pro smartphone

Your mobile number on a web and smartphone app

Plusieurs numéros sur une SIM grâce à Ringover
2 numéros de mobile sur votre téléphone grâce à RingOver

One SIM, one phone 2 mobile numbers

No more need to carry around and constantly charge two mobile phones - your colleagues only need to install RingOver on their personal smartphones. They’ll automatically have a dedicated mobile number at their disposal, with which they can make and receive their professional calls.

Faites des économies grâce à RingOver

Economise on phones and plans

Each colleague uses their personal smartphone. All that’s required is a simple internet connection for calls and text messages - no more mobiles to manage or subscriptions to pay for.

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Le droite à la déconnexion est respecté avec RingOver

Reserve the right to disconnect

Thanks to business hours, your colleagues can decide when their professional line is working (for example, Monday to Friday, from 9:00 until 18:00). Incoming calls outside these hours will automatically go to voicemail.

Changez de numéro à tous moments avec RingOver

Mobile numbers for 18 countries

With RingOver, each colleague has access to one or more mobile numbers. Numbers currently available in 18 countries.

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