Increase your
sales efficiency

Your business phone system integrated with your sales tools

RingOver change la vie de vos commerciaux

Equip your sales team instantly

Choisissez vos numéros

Equip your sales team team with a landline or mobile number for over 60 countries

Attribuez vos numéros à votre équipe

Assign them to your sales agents based on their needs

Gérez vos appels partout dans le monde

Your team manages all calls from the RingOver web or smartphone app

RingOver sur un CRM

Connect your phone to your CRM

Integrate RingOver with your professional tools and directly access phone features from your CRM: direct calls with click-to-call, automatic call logging, notes during calls, etc.

Changez de numéro à tous moments avec RingOver

Augment your local presence

Cold-calling with a local phone number always yields the best results. RingOver offers landline and local numbers for more than 60 countries. In just a few clicks, activate new numbers that fit your needs.

Soyez joignable à tout moment

Stay reachable at all times

Whether you’re at the office, working remotely or on the road, make your calls from your web browser or smartphone app, in the UK or overseas. Your private life also stays just that, thanks to customised working hours. Calls outside these hours go automatically to voicemail.

Changez de numéro à tous moments avec RingOver

Monitor sales performance

Analyse your team’s performance in real-time with monitoring tools and statistics. Record calls as well to ensure better supervision within your teams.

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