Renaud 28 june 2018 phonecustomer servicewait time

8 techniques to reduce wait time for your customer service

You know without a doubt that your customer service is your best ally for satisfying your clients...or your worst enemy, if it doesn’t succeed. So it’s no surprise that one of the main consumer criticisms with regard to customer service is the time spent waiting to speak to a representative on the phone. However, with these few simple guidelines, decreasing wait time is possible for...

Renaud 12 april 2018 phonefraud

All you need to know about business telecom fraud

The amount of phone piracy reported to the AFUTT (French Association of Telecommunications Users) for individuals and to CRESTEL (network and telecom managers’ club for AFUTT) for professionals has risen significantly in recent years. This worldwide phenomenon was estimated at 46.8 billion euros in 2013 by the Communications Fraud Control Association (CFCA, an association bringing together many...

Renaud 29 march 2018 phonecloud

9 good reasons to dematerialise your phone system

Are you creating your business or wanting to build your telecom? Hesitating between a virtual phone system or classic phone service? Here are 9 key questions to help you decide.

Do you need a phone system that adapts to your business and leaves you free to modify numbers and users at will? With a virtual phone system, you can directly access the...

Renaud 1 february 2018 phone

Grasshopper abandons British clients - RingOver to the rescue!

To everyone’s surprise, the cloud telephony company Grasshopper announced last week the end of its service in the United Kingdom from April 30th, 2018. No new client has been accepted since January 1st, and holders of existing accounts have less than 4 months to find an alternative solution, at the risk of having their line cut off.

In spite of all this, there’s no need to panic! Thanks...

Renaud 19 january 2018 salesphone

9 good reasons to dematerialise your sales team’s telecom

With the development of 3 then 4G networks easing sales team’s workloads, the landline remains on the sidelines. It requires them to stay at their desk to take calls or hear messages and is not adapted to current work modes.

Still hesitant to dematerialise your sales team’s phone system? Here are 9 good reasons to change your mind.

Whether it...

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