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Renaud 28 june 2018 phonecustomer servicewait time

8 techniques to reduce wait time for your customer service

You know without a doubt that your customer service is your best ally for satisfying your clients...or your worst enemy, if it doesn’t succeed. So it’s no surprise that one of the main consumer criticisms with regard to customer service is the time spent waiting to speak to a representative on the phone. However, with these few simple guidelines, decreasing wait time is possible for...

Renaud 3 may 2018 customer servicerecruitingtips

How to recruit the best talent for your customer service

Whether you be a startup, an SME or a large group, recruiting good resources is indispensable for meeting your objectives. And this must happen in every department: IT, sales, marketing...as well as customer service!

Your customer service represents your company and serves as a direct interface with your clients. Your customer...

Renaud 11 january 2018 customer servicetips

The 10 golden rules for a quality customer service

In an increasingly competitive context where the consumer puts different providers in competition and switches at the slightest annoyance, customer relations is a major strategic issue for companies. Those who can’t manage to establish a relationship of trust that is as durable as it is thriving are doomed to fail. So how do you go about ensuring the quality of your customer service?


Renaud 3 november 2017 phonecustomer servicecustomer relations

4 winning strategies for talking to your clients

In a past article we discussed the importance of having (and displaying!) a dedicated phone number for your business. In this article we’ll address the key points of contact with your clients as well as how to best use them for your business.

How and when to call your clients? 4 winning strategies for talking to your clients
Offering a free trial period is a good...

Renaud 20 september 2017 phonecustomer relationscustomer service

Talking to your clients (or the importance of the phone in customer relations)

To meet the growing expectations of clients, numerous startups and digital companies have chosen to switch to alternative channels of communication (email, chat, bots, etc.) But even if these new channels seem more effective, the phone remains among the privileged means of communication between clients and companies. So before adopting a multi-channel strategy for your client support, here are a...

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